SXTX State Panel Advisor

About the project

Becky Larson is a second year graduate student at Texas State University in the School of Journalism and Mass Communication. Her studies, within the university's digital media concentration, have focused on coding and development in the pursuit of audience engagement and illustrative storytelling.

Larson first conceived of the Interactive Advisor in 2015 while participating in the advanced Coding and Data Skills for Communicators class, taught by Dr. Cindy Royal of Texas State. The initial idea served double duty as Larson simultaneously worked as a part of the SXTX State project, a student-journalist group, also supervised by Dr. Royal, whose various members have covered SXSW Interactive for the past nine years.

Larson will be attending Interactive this year as a part of Texas State's digital media faculty support for the 2016 SXTX State team.

You can follow SXTX State's coverage of Interactive on their site, where you'll find previews of upcoming panels and, beginning Friday, March 11th, in-depth, on-the-ground reporting during the conference. Follow our live coverage using the hashtag #sxtxstate, or by checking out the @sxtxstate handle on Twitter, Facebook, instagram or Snapchat.